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Merry Meet Brothers and Sisters:

Welcome to our new website for Wiccan by Nature! As the community grew - we thought that it was necessary to venture off facebook and start adding features that we have been wanting to implement but had difficulties doing so on the social media site.

In the forums area, there is a place for all other witchy sites to share their sites - this includes anything witchy: shoppes, social media sites and blogs. There is another place to find brothers and sisters in your area. There is another location to just have discussions with fellow community members. The forums are not monitored 100% -- this is YOUR area - however we ask that you all be respectful and to remember the rule of three - what you send out, comes back to thee.

In the "learn with us" section, there is information over the various witchy topics. If we are missing a section, please feel free to contact us. We will be adding in new information as time progresses and we always look forward to your feedback!

In the "about us" section, you can learn about all of us admin as well as have access to our individual WBN blog.

Eventually, we do hope to have a WBN store here on the website as well, however we are still figuring out the logistics of having such an area. While we do have this website - the best way to contact us is still through the WBN facebook page - the private messages.

We do urge you to check out our facebook page, our youtube channel as well as this website. We will be continuing to add to all three sites!

We appreciate your feedback during this time - we want this website to be as user friendly as possible - so if you see any errors or missing information please let us know. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to work on this wonderful opportunity.

Brightest blessings,

The Admin Team

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